Lexicon Series

The work represented in Lexicon is a preparatory series that foreshadows a larger, complex installation of prints. It sets up the fictional language used to convey the body of a space that can never be fully seen or understood. Specifically, the paintings in Lexicon (Shackfordhead State Park, Eastport Maine, August 2017) represents a small subset of a curated, articulated vocabulary to represent a 1,000 square foot portion of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - or 0.00701459% of the whole of the surface. Plastic garbage bits are cleaned from a beach in the northeastern US and used to represent a fictional account of the garbage patch. The Maine Lexicon is the first of many coastal Lexicons that together will create the complex language for the end project. While these images are true to the objects they represent, they seek to represent a larger, fictional narrative paradoxically bred out of consequence.