Kelp Parade

Kelp Parade, 2024
Wendell Jeffrey and Amanda Thackray
installation and community performance
Broadway between 21st and 22nd Street, Manhattan
commissioned by NYC DOT as part of 2024 Car-Free Earth Day 

Kelp Parade, a collaborative piece between Amanda Thackray and Wendell Jeffrey, will bring a dynamic kelp forest to life through 24 flags made from upcycled plastic bags, activated through movement and sound throughout the day.

"We invite the public to join the Kelp Parade in a show of environmental stewardship and oceanic resilience. We are inspired by kelp and other seaweeds because they support healthy ocean ecosystems by sequestering carbon, buffering against ocean acidification, and curb coastal erosion. Set against the open sky, mirroring the ocean depths, and marched to a rhythmic aquatic sound piece, the parade advocates for collective action to safeguard marine habitats."

Kelp Parade is accompanied by a commissioned sound piece by Bryan Elkins.