I use textile fibers, often rope, to depict elements of the interior human body. Handcrafted nets portray hidden visceras, bones explode with the memories of their vibrations, and muscles are wrapped on spools for use as specimens. The “gore” exhibited in my work is ambiguous and uses muted, sinewy colors. White prevails as binding connective tissues. Our bodies are alien when they are turned inside-out, their architecture is recalibrated and reformed. Through drawing, prints, and sculptures, I explore what it means to have a body. Often abstracted and teased apart, I create fantastical landscapes that depict a low-fi sci-fi world of shifting internal bodily bondage.

Dehumanizing the human form allows the potential to reconstruct its narrative through a set of feminist, material-centric ideals. The internal body - in its magical symbiosis of odd lengths of sacs and tubes - is as non-human as anything else. Humans do not think of ourselves as meat. Thereby, the body is unjustly denied the equivalent respect of our consciousness. I think of the body as matter, as thing, and wholly subscribe to it’s power as a series of connected objects. When these parts are put together in just the right way, they become something magical - a living being. What happens if they are brought together in a different way, or a different context? My work guesses at the smallest of these reorganizations. It examines the recontextualization of microscopic fibers of tissues. I aim to invoke a materialism of the body through familiar, yet unexpected substance.  

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